We know that the key to success is to provide innovative products, which allows us to stand out from the competition. That is why we put at your disposal the best team of professional experts, who will advise you on the development of your idea.

Our design team has a software specialised in developing multiple design alternatives, adapting to our customers' requirements and suggesting different options that live up to their expectations.

After several 3D simulations and after the corresponding approval in digital format, our professional experts create a model which will simulate the exact copy of a future sole, which allows us to assemble and last the upper to it so that we can obtain a first approach to the finished shoe.

Once the model has been approved, we elaborate the sample mould and manufacture our first real physical samples. Subsequently, and once the result obtained so far has been confirmed, the complete series of moulds is made, and each and every of them is afterwards tested, with the purpose of offering our customers the best results.

Thanks to this process, we are able to make your idea come true.